If you are interested in my bears or animals, please send me an e-mail to info@hope-bears.com. I will answer as soon as possible.




My name is Petra Hankofer and I live in Straubing/Bavaria.


In April 2007 I graduated from Teddy College and received my "Bearmaker" diploma. I also completed an online course by and with Rotraud Ilisch for natural bears.


A good time was the stay abroad in Singapore from 2006 to 2008, and I was also allowed to take part at a fair in Singapore and a few of my bears found a new home there!


I love the miniature world and therefore I sometimes create "small homes" for my bears, and I use these for photos. However, my bears are close to my heart, so every order is without a purchase obligation.  You should only adopt a bear or animal if you really like them. That is extremely important for me! 


Every miniature bear and animal travels with a certificate! They are not suitable for small children! The HOPE bears are only for collectors or as a "friend" for older children or people who needs a companion! 


Kind regards,


Please note that non-EU countries are subject to customs duties that must be paid by you!